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The Custom Training staff have many specialized certifications including those to assist clients with enhancing their sporting abilities and helping prevent injury. 

We also have certifications in nutrition and weight management and can design a program to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goal. 

We are also renown for our ability to safely assist clients with rehabilitative programs.

Call us today to see if we are the fit for you. 

Equestrians - improve your posture and alignment.  Strengthen your core and ride with confidence!

Golfers and Tennis players - why wait to get tennis elbow or strain your back? 

Prevent it from happening with a customized training program focusing on muscles and movements required for your sport!
CUSTOM TRAINING was founded by Ray Gonsalves through a desire to provide clients with the opportunity to work with highly skilled Trainers in a pristine and welcoming environment.
Our goals are very simple – to help our clients achieve their dreams through the highest level of personal training and overall fitness coaching. Our business is run as a direct reflection of that singular aim.
Ray helping Anne during a group training session.
We have a method behind everything that we do, and constantly adapt and change that to each unique individual’s different circumstances, physical make up, and goals.
Our passion and commitment to sustained excellence has helped us to be acknowledged as some of the very best Personal Trainers in our NY area.
The fulfillment we feel from helping someone achieve their goals, be they an athlete or a regular Jane or Joe, is what drives us constantly forward.
We believe that anyone can effect positive change if they put their mind to it, and we will do our utmost to ensure that each and every person who enters our premises leaves a happier and healthier person.
At Custom Training we believe every individual is unique  and needs a different combination of training/rehabilitative techniques to reach their exercise potential and/or alleviate pain.
Rebecca working with a client on a post rehabilitation programOur Trainers have exceptional qualifications and vast experience and are able to adapt to each individual's specific circumstances.
We look forward to assisting you with your fitness and wellness needs. Our beautiful, upscale personal training & Pilates studio in Millbrook, New York, offers clients a convenient and stimulating training environment.  Work out in our bright, clean, fully equipped facility in complete privacy with one of our Personal Trainers, with a partner or small group.
"I've been training with Jeanette for several years now and she has been a tremendous help to me.  I underwent several surgeries for my knee, ankle and foot.  With her knowledge of Pilates and rehabilitation, she REALLY GOT ME MOVING AGAIN." B. Pocker
Jeanette demonstrating pilates
“Rebecca Marquis is skilled in the use of MFR treatment.  It is AMAZING HOW SHE CAN GET A MUSCLE GROUP TO RELEASE TENSION AND PAIN."
D. Rennia
"Ray's expertise, experience and DEDICATION TO HIS CLIENTS keeps me coming back.  Ray had helped me lose close to 100lbs and helped me be the healthiest  I've been in years." M.E. Schwartz.
“My shoulders and neck always ached at the end of the day and I would frequently get migraines.  After just one session with Rebecca my shoulder and neck pain was relieved.  Rebecca gave me daily exercises to do and we did MFR. I NOW AM FREE OF PAIN."
C. Paradis
"Rebecca is great at adapting to where I am at on a given day.  One of my favorite things about Rebecca is that she is constantly educating me on how my muscles work and the proper way to do exercises.  I used to hate exercising but Rebecca MAKES WORKING OUT SO MUCH FUN that I look forward to training with her."
K. Blais.
 "Jeanette brings a rare combination of talents to her role as a trainer.  She has impressive professional credentials and remarkable interpersonal skills...creating a supportive and focused atmosphere which produces great results.  I've worked with her for years and she is THE BEST." Phyllis F.
 “I had a car accident where my car flipped three times and I damaged my back.  Post physical therapy I was still in a lot of pain. Rebecca worked with me using myofascial release and a corrective exercise program.  I am now back to my old self. I call Rebecca MY MIRACLE CURE”.  K. Siems
Rebecca's training style is EXCELLENT.  It caused me to challenge myself without going beyond my capability.  She corrected my mistakes in such a positive way.  By doing that she made what I originally began for health reasons something I look forward to." D. Allee.
Jeanette demonstrating reformer Pilates 
Ray's enthusiasm and expert knowledge of the body was extremely beneficial with my double hip replacement.  He brings a lot to the plate so I actually LOOK FORWARD TO OUR WORKOUTS."
Terry Regan, co-owner of Half Moon Yoga Barn.
"Rebecca is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, meaning if one muscle is not working effectively she will work on it and also on all surrounding muscles to make them work together, somewhat like a wheel with spokes.  If one spoke is damaged all surrounding muscles are affected.  Rebecca is a concerned therapist who wants to make sure all parts of your body work together to give you relief from pain.  That is why I CALL REBECCA MISS FIX IT". B. Brown.
"Because of his EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of physiology, Ray is great at not only our conditioning and strength training, but also healing the injuries that unavoidably come from playing a game like polo."Oakleigh Thorne, sponsor, Heathcote Polo LLC.
“Not only did Rebecca RELIEVE MY SHOULDER PAIN, but the full effects in the coming days were AMAZING.  She provided immediate relief and also took the time to discuss my daily routine and  to help me avoid further injury to the shoulder in the future”. C. D’Agostino
“Ryan is REALLY MOTIVATING and encouraged me to reach my full potential. He was able to address the issues that I brought up and devised a program to make sure that I obtained the results I hoped for. “
D. M. Dancey
Ryan working with a client doing a military press on the stability ball.
"Having Rebecca for my pre-natal fitness trainer has been wonderful.  She is very KNOWLEDGEABLE of the effects of each exercise and how it will help the mother-to-be.  She is also cognizant of each individual’s needs and works
with you one on one in a counseling fashion as well.  I can't wait to work with Rebecca after my baby is born and have her train me in a full capacity workout environment."
P. Kershes.
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