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Ray's enthusiasm and expert knowledge of the body was extremely beneficial with my double hip replacement.  He brings a lot to the plate so I actually LOOK FORWARD TO OUR WORKOUTS."
Terry Regan, co-owner of Half Moon Yoga Barn.

"I've been training with Jeanette for several years now and she has been a tremendous help to me.  I underwent several surgeries for my knee, ankle and foot.  With her knowledge of Pilates and rehabilitation, she REALLY GOT ME MOVING AGAIN." B. Pocker
 “I had a car accident where my car flipped three times and I damaged my back.  Post physical therapy I was still in a lot of pain. Rebecca worked with me using myofascial release and a corrective exercise program.  I am now back to my old self. I call Rebecca MY MIRACLE CURE”.  K. Siems
"Because of his EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE of physiology, Ray is great at not only our conditioning and strength training, but also healing the injuries that unavoidably come from playing a game like polo."Oakleigh Thorne, sponsor, Heathcote Polo LLC.
“Ryan is REALLY MOTIVATING and encouraged me to reach my full potential. He was able to address the issues that I brought up and devised a program to make sure that I obtained the results I hoped for. “
D. M. Dancey
 "Jeanette brings a rare combination of talents to her role as a trainer.  She has impressive professional credentials and remarkable interpersonal skills...creating a supportive and focused atmosphere which produces great results.  I've worked with her for years and she is THE BEST." Phyllis F.
"Ray's expertise, experience and DEDICATION TO HIS CLIENTS keeps me coming back.  Ray had helped me lose close to 100lbs and helped me be the healthiest  I've been in years." M.E. Schwartz.




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